Saturday, December 15, 2012

An Introduction to ToP

Let me tell you my definition of “provocation”. One of the words used to define provoke is, “challenge”. I want to challenge you, the reader, to think. Lately, I’ve taken to listening to another preacher. I think he cast a net to many preachers on facebook, so I accepted his friend request. He has challenged my attitude in marriage, with regards to marriage. I wasn’t entirely wrong, but I have come to realize that I wasn’t entirely correct. For example, it is said that two are needed to make a marriage, but only one to end it. Given the advice from Paul and Peter to those married to unbelievers, Mark Gungor has challenged me to rethink that axiom. Paul and Peter are just talking to half of the married couple, be it husband or wife, who happens to be the believer. Therefore, it takes one to save a marriage, but two to end it. This is one example of where I was provoked in thought. (Of course there is a disclaimer here: I do not fully agree theologically with him. There are but few preachers where I am in line with them.) Now NOT ALL thoughts will come from my listening to Brother Mark’s shows. He merely serves as an initial source of thought.

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