Friday, June 27, 2014

This Is my Truck

Here is the truck that I drive. It is a 1994 Chevy Suburban Silverado. Back when I was selling cars, Silverado was Chevy's tag of quality (and still is).

I purchased this truck back in October, it isn't pretty. You can see that I have a spare on the rear, and the driver's side front has a different hubcap than the rest. Look carefully at the luggage rack and trim. You will notice that the chrome isn't in good condition either. There are a few other problems with the body that the two pictures cannot show you such as dinks and chips in the paint. It does look better after it's been washed as you can see.

But this doesn't begin to look at the inside of the truck. There are plenty of flaws there too. For example, the stereo was a premium am/fm cassette player with an 8 speaker system. Only the speaker in the driver's side dash works for the FM stations. The upholstery and headliner needs some serious work as well. The previous owners smoked high-end cigarillos in the truck, so it's not as bad a smell, and not even noticeable if I hadn't told you. This doesn't even begin to touch the 225k miles that were already logged on this puppy or that the transmission went out the day after I bought it.

So the question you might be wondering now is why in the world with all that is wrong with her, would I buy her? I have had a dream for quite some time. I have wanted to restore an old vehicle. I thought about the Studebaker truck in my father-in-law's garage, but that needs engine work, and I seem to have an adverse reaction to petroleum products touching my skin. This forced me to rethink what I can and cannot do. I like older trucks and cars. So I came to the idea that I would get an old truck that was mechanically sound (though I tried to get the transmission to betray before I bought it) and restore the body and interior. THAT I can do.

Plus this really isn't a bad truck. It has its quirks, granted. Transmission seems to act up, but she warns me by having the engine light pop on as I put her into drive. When that happens, I just shut her off and try again. A quirk. Also a plus is that the A/C works great, both front and rear blowers. This is important on long road trips and living in the desert. Though she has ultrahigh miles, she has no leaks, burns no oil, spews no water and we've seen her get 20 mpg running at 80 mph. She loves to fly. And finally, I have more kids than what can be fit in a more reasonable sized truck or SUV. I almost went with an Expedition but it didn't allow for both children and cargo.

I have a few ideas of what I want to do to the truck, how it shall look in the years to come. I have an order of repair in my mind as I have ability to do them. For example, the first order would be to realign and paint the body, keeping the black theme because I do like black almost as much as I like green. Then I will change out the audio system, followed by the head/tail lights. Then I will tackle the upholstery and then the bumpers and finishing with the wheels. Of course I shouldn't forget to mention all the extra trimmings that I will add.

We are like that old truck of mine. Not much to look at, needing a whole lot of work, but has promise. That's how I see my truck. I don't see the beat up beast, but I see what I am envisioning for her.

But this is how we are different. When we come to Christ, we are forgiven and declared pure and sin-free. Yet we have a choice that my truck doesn't have. My truck cannot keep me from changing her color, fixing the stereo, etc. But we can quench the Spirit's work. (1 Thessalonians 5.19)

How do quench the Spirit? We do so when we cling to our pet sins. There are those who are first to claim that God loves us just the way we are. And yet He means so much more for us. We forget that though God loves us just the way we are, that He sees us through Jesus' blood shed on the cross, that we must be open to His shaping us, molding us. (Isaiah 64.8)

We are encouraged by the Word that because we are clothed in Christ, we should set our minds on things above. Paul encourages us in Colossians in chapter 3, “If you have been raised with the Savior, then seek what is above, where the Savior is. You old life has died, therefore put on your new life. You are being renewed in the knowledge according to the image of your Creator.”

And though it may be uncomfortable, laying aside our old ways, our old life, we can take courage that it will become easier. The Word also gives this promise from Philippians 1.6, “He who has started a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.”

This will bemy truck.

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