Tuesday, September 1, 2015

War on Law

I wonder about the news of late. I try not to follow Yahoo News​ due to their obvious disdain for our finest in blue (and brown). I saw a poster from a lady who use to teach me Bible in high school youth group. Her poster was made this past weekend, 7 officers executed in the last week of August, Then I saw another person post of more officers killed in the last 3 days.I don't know how many have been slain. One is too many to count.

Being that I am a preacher, I look at things from both sides. I see a spiritual side that often is overlooked. We are in a spiritual war. We tend to only see the physical because we cannot perceive the spiritual.

Yet Paul, the apostle, gives us an indication of what might be happening

No, I am not saying that the man of lawlessness has been revealed, but I am seeing that our time is increasingly becoming more and more lawless. It seems to have begun with the war on our peace officers, our veterans, our military, and our heroes who place their lives on the line for our safety, our security. We are in a crossroads in history.

And I want to encourage you with this. Stand firm in your faith in Jesus Christ. Let us pray for those who serve us. Let us encourage them when we encounter them. (I always ask if I might take their cruiser around the block. One officer actually let me. But all of them tend to smile and have their day brightened.)

Let us continue to fix our eyes on the finish line, of living for Him who saved us.
in 2nd letter to the church of Thessalonica. In this letter, the second chapter (2 Thessalonians 2), Paul addresses the rumors of the Day of the Lord had already occurred. Yet Paul said that the Day of the Lord (the second coming, His return), will not happen until the time of lawlessness comes, and the man of lawlessness has been revealed.

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